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3in1 Bark-Bottle

Easy to Clean

Each part can be directly rinsed with water. It's easy to wipe off any mess the bottle may have collected. The durable food grade PC material allows high temperature sterilization, it can be put in hot water without deforming.

Drinking Bowl

Easy drinking with the wide O-shaped drinking bowl, it provides enough space for even the largest breeds to be able to get a refreshing drink of water. ThePortaPup is easy to carry with a complimentary lanyard attached, and provides up to 500ml of water to prevent your dogs from drinking dirty water.

Food Storage

A 3 ounce portable food box is designed under the water storage, which can carry pet food or treats. It allows your furry friend to enjoy their favorite snacks at any time!

Waste Bag Dispenser

Designed at the bottom of the bottle, ThePortaPup comes with a complimentary roll of waste bags and, the dispenser fits for most size refill bags. Extra bags can be bought here

Poop Scooper

Use it to scoop up your pets poop. Easily re-attached to the side of the bottle after each use.

We recommend to use a bag over the scooper to reduce the spread of bacteria

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