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Hands-Free Leash

The Last Dog Leash You'll Ever Have To Buy, Guaranteed!

Say goodbye to the nuisance of leashes that constantly get in the way. Our Hands-Free Rope Leash is perfect for walks, runs, and traveling!

Made to resist pulling, from all dog breeds.

Keep your pet safe and secure with the Hands-Free Rope Leash.

Wanna stroll hands-free while texting your buddies? The Hands-Free Rope Leash has you covered.

Constant pulling can cause your dog to develop irreversible injuries. The most common ones are arthritis, severe inflammation, and bursitis.

Your dog should not be restlessly pulling on walks.

The secret to a hassle-free experience is the Hands-Free Leash.

Our Hands-Free Leash has helped THOUSANDS of dogs around the world stop pulling and eliminated reckless behavior from harness & collar damage.

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Signs Your Dog Has Collar & Harness Damage:

✓  Excessive Random Barking 

✓  Constantly Whining 

✓  Restless Pacing on Walks

✓  Disobedience 

✓  Destructive Behavior after walks

See What Other Dog Owners Are Saying

"I love that this leash is fashionable and practical. I love that I can adjust it to my needs and carry it in my hand or across my chest. The material is soft and comfortable and the design is modern. I love that I can text while I'm walking and not worry about getting tangled up. I have to have this leash in my bag at all times."

- Kathleen - 5/5 - Nevada, USA

"I have used this leash for a few months now and I love it. I like that it is fashionable but also functional for my pup. I love that I don't have to worry about him running off or getting too excited when he sees another dog. The leash is very durable, and the quality is superb. I love the fact that I can adjust the length of the leash to fit my needs. I am able to use this leash with or without my phone, which is great. This leash is lightweight and so easy to use!"

- Brinda - 5/5 - Texas, USA

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