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BarkNifties illumi Dog Collar

How To Pick The Correct Collar Size?

Step 1. Measure your dog’s neck 

Measure your dog around the top of the neck directly behind the ears. We recommend using a cloth measuring tape.

Step 2. Add 1 to 3 inches to your dog’s neck size 

Generally speaking you should add 1 inch for small dog breeds (less than 10 pounds), 2 inches for medium-sized dogs and 3 inches for larger dog breeds (weighing over 80 pounds).

Step 3. Check the collar size chart below 

Now that you know your dog’s neck size and have added 1 to 3 inches you can check out the collar size chart below.


Neck Circumference
28 - 38 cm/11 - 15 inch
34 - 41 cm/14 - 16 inch
37 - 46 cm/15 - 18 inch
 41 - 52 cm/16 - 20 inch
52 - 60 cm/20 - 22 inch


Keep your dog safe at night - keep them visible!

Experience the joy of nighttime walks with your furry companion without the fear of them getting lost or injured. Simply equip your loyal companion with our innovative IllumiCollar and enjoy worry-free strolls under the stars.


🐾 Keep Your Dog Safe

🐾 1,000-Yard Visibility

🐾 Water-resistant

🐾 Adjustable & comfortable

Why the IllumiCollar?

The LED dog collar is a must-have for any outdoor-loving dog owner. It provides optimal visibility and ensures your furry companion is always seen and safe after sundown, whether playing fetch, going for a walk, or just hanging out in the backyard.

Waterproof Design

Our luminous dog collar adopts IPX7 waterproof system, you can rest assured to let the dog go out to play.

Super Bright & High Quality

Makes your pet dog be seen in low light conditions. Such as Car drivers, joggers, cyclists and motorists will see your dog well in advance with this bright collar, which can help you keep your dog safe. No worry for accident.

Rechargeable, No Need to Change the Battery

This dog collar made 250mA lithium battery, up to 8-20 hours (White Light 4 hours) continuously on steady mode by charging 2 hours.

So why wait? Bring home and let the magic begin!

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