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Plushy Pet Sofa


Plushy Pet Sofa

Plushy Pet Sofa

The Most Comfortable Anti-Anxiety Bed You Can Buy For your Dog!

Perfect for anxious dogs or those who seek a sense of protection. Relieves anxiety in minutes, bringing your pup into peace & warmth. Offering your pet a cozy haven within your home.

Signs Your Dog is Struggling With Anxiety:

✓  Excessive Random Barking 

✓  Constantly Whining 

✓  Restless Pacing

✓  Disobedience 

✓  Destructive Behavior

Your Pup Deserves The Best

Comfort and security are the main features of the bed. The ultra-comfortable, fur-like material provides the foundation of an incredible bed that relaxes your dog’s nervous system. This allows them to calm down faster.

Why Your Pup Needs a Anti-Anxiety Plushy Pet Sofa

The sofa design and faux fur create a barrier, which emulates your pup curling up to their mother. And gives your pup all the warmth and security, they could possibly need. 

Super soft fur and extra padding inside the beds will replicate sleeping on a cloud of sweet dreams.

Why choose the Anti-Anxiety Plushy Pet Sofa? Our beds have better quality fur and more padding. Get Yours Now, Sale ENDS Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do I wash it?

It can only be washed by hand or by washing machine on a gentle/delicate cycle.

Question: What if I'm not satisfied?

Let us know via help@barknifties.com and we'll quickly work to correct the problem by providing you with a satisfactory solution.

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✓ Hassle-Free Returns

✓ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  

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