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Pooper Scooper

  • Why Get Our Pet Pooper Scooper?

    The Pet Pooper Scooper allows your pet's waste to be collected with less mess and hassle! Simply scrape the waste directly into the bag and throw it away when full- leaving behind a clean and ready to use again tray! 

    Easy To Use: 

    Collecting your pet's waste has never been easier before as you simply need to attach the waste bag to our Pooper Scooper and you're ready to collect your pet's waste from any surface!


    • PORTABLE: Pet Pooper Scooper hooks on a leash. You won't forget it and you won't have to carry it.
    • Convenient: Pet Pooper Scooper has an integrated waste bag compartment, so you are all set.
    • Extendable: The backside adjusts in size so you can scoop it all.
    • Effective: Remove dog poop and waste from any surface without using your hands. Keep sidewalks and lawns clean!
    • Two Sizes: Small Scooper for Pets less than 50 lbs. Large Scooper for Pets 50-150lbs!

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