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Smart Sensing Snake

Your Pup NEEDS Natural Stimulation!

Most dogs lack enough stimulation...due to the ease of modern life.

Causing them to develop Separation Anxiety.

Keep your loved one Stimulated for endless hours with our Smart Sensing Snake made specifically for Natural Brain Stimulation. The Smart Sensing Snake is an amazing way for your dogs to release energy and draw out their hunting instincts!

The Smart Sensing Snake not only looks like a real snake, but it also acts like a real snake as well. It will slither when touched and move around still when left alone.

Signs Your Dog is Lacking Stimulation

✓  Excessive Random Barking 

✓  Constantly Whining 

✓  Restless Pacing

✓  Disobedience 

✓  Destructive Behavior

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The Fun NEVER Ends

✓  Rechargeable With USB 

✓  Built-in Battery

✓  Chew-Proof

✓  Long Battery-Life

94% of our customers have reported reduced stress and anxiety in their dogs, with 71% of them raving about their dog's love for this toy.

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